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Digital X-rays

Traditional x-rays require x-rays films taken, then being developed. Digital x-rays use computerized sensors to capture the images. They cut down the radiation up to 80% comparing to the traditional films, so it is much safer for you. They also greener for the environment since there are no chemical needed for developing of the x-ray images.

picture of Digital X-ray 1picture of Digital X-ray 2

Anxiolysis(Reduced anxiety)

We can prescribe you a medication that can help you to relax, can reduce or eliminate a dental anxiety.

Cosmetic Fillings and Bonding

By using tooth-colored filling materials, we can make your teeth look natural again. They are often being called “white” fillings.

picture of filling - before picture of filling - after
Before filling After Filling


When structural strength of your teeth being compromised or weaken due to a lot of tooth structures being lost, crowns are the solution to strengthen, maintained the remaining structure of your teeth. They are restorations to cover the teeth, bring them back to normal shape and sizes. Structurally, there are three different types of crowns:

  1. All-metal crown: as the name implies, it is made of entirely metal.
  2. Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown: Is made of two layers, first layer is a metal serving as a frame work to support a second cosmetic layer, which is made of porcelain. It is the most popular crown because the best of both worlds utilizing the strength of a metal, and the aesthetic of the porcelain.
  3. All-porcelain crown: as the name implies, it is made entirely of porcelain. It is the most aesthetic crown you can have. It is used to be reserved for front teeth only due to its beauty and lifeline looks and due to the lack of its strength. However, nowadays, there are many new generations of porcelain crowns which have increased in strength and made it also suitable for back teeth, the porcelain crown have become more and more popular.
picture of porcelain crown
Porcelain crown on a lab model


When you have a missing tooth or teeth in the middle of other teeth, a bridge can be offered to you. Bridge consists of many crowns connecting together. We use two or more adjacent teeth to support the bridge. It is permanently cemented to your supporting teeth.


It is the best solution to replace a missing tooth that modern dentistry can offer you. A dental implant is made of medical grade titanium alloy. It is placed securely into the bone to support the crown for your tooth. The most popular form of implant is a root form implant to replace a missing tooth. Implants are also used to support a bridge or a denture.

Are you a candidate for dental implants?
As long as you are no longer having your growth spurt, which is about 19, and 21 years of age respectively for women and men, not having uncontrolled diabetes, not having IV bisphosphonates, not having radiation treatment of the jaw, not having an active periodontal disease… you are a candidate for dental implants. We can have implants done on 90 plus patients. However, you are at higher risks of implant failure if you are a heavy smoker or drinker.
At Maple Dental Care, Vienna VA, Dr. Vu will do an exam and screening to determine your qualification for implant treatments, as well as to address your concerns.

Non-surgical Periodontal Services (Deep cleaning, Perio-maintenance)

When you have a periodontal disease with deep pockets, and under the gum tartar build up, you would need to have gum treatments. A Deep cleaning (scaling/root planning) is the first line treatment of periodontal disease. After numbing you by using a local anesthesia, we will go deep under the gum and clean out any build up, toxin as well as bacteria and un-healthy tissues. After a deep cleaning, some other adjunctive treatments such as local deliveries of antibiotics on the deep pockets of your teeth may follow.

After a deep cleaning procedures completed, you should come back for 3-month recall check up and regular cleaning, it is called a perio-maintenance.

Sometimes, deep cleanings and perio-maintenance are not enough to take care of the periodontal disease, surgical procedures may be recommended.

Root canal therapy

In the middle of a tooth, we have canal(s) to house blood supplies and nerves. When the nerve being exposed, either due to deep decay, or due to a fracture of the tooth, you are almost certainly required a root canal therapy. In this case the nerve being infected and exposed to bacteria, we have partially clean out or completely remove the nerve, and fill with a filling material specially design for root canal treatment.
Root canal treatment should not be painful. And it is the procedure used to relieve the pain when a patent has a severe toothache.
Sometimes, you can have a tooth infection without your notice. When you have a tooth infection, you would need to have a root canal therapy to clear up the infection.

picture of Digital X-ray 1 picture of Digital X-ray 2
Nerve is exposed due to a severe decay
(black area)
Root canal and filling done
(white areas)

Teeth Whitening (In-Office, Take-home)

If your teeth aren’t as white as you’d like, cosmetic dentist Dr. Vu in Vienna, VA recommends professional in-office whitening or take-home bleaching trays. We also offer Zoom! teeth whitening. Zoom! involves using bleaching gel and a special light to erase stains and discolorations, leaving teeth dramatically whiter in just one hour. Our patients tell us that their teeth continue to lighten over the next few weeks, up to 10 shades in all. Because not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening, Dr.Vu will conduct an oral health exam prior to bleaching your teeth.

To keep your professionally whitened teeth gleaming, or as an alternative to in-office teeth whitening, consider our take home trays. These easy-to-use, pre-filled trays yield professional results within 1-2 weeks when used according to our directions.

If you’d like to find out how whiter teeth can enhance your appearance, call the dental office in Vienna, VA today for a consultation.


  • Partial denture: A removable prosthetic replaces one or more teeth, not all of teeth, in one arch. It can be fabricated for upper or lower arches.
  • picture of partial denture

  • Complete Denture: A removable prosthetic replaces all of teeth in one arch of a mouth.
    Immediate denture is a denture being made before the extractions of teeth, and inserted immediately after the extraction.
    Advantages: patients can have teeth when leaving a dental office. Disadvantages: Dentures may not fit well from the beginning because denture is made on some estimate of the jaw would look like right after the extractions, and when the healing occurs, gum will shrink; hence, dentures will get lose more than before.

    picture of full denture

  • Implant-supported denture (Over denture): Implants can be utilized to secure and support a denture and keep it stable in the mouth. Denture in this case is called over denture/Implant-supported denture.
    picture of implant

    Implant: When you have a missing tooth, in general, there are three options to restore the missing tooth: 1) Denture 2) Bridge 3) implant. Implant is the best option to replace a missing tooth. A dental implant is a root form titanium alloy placed in your jaw bone to replace a missing tooth. An implant consists of three parts: a) Implant 2) Abutment 3) Crown
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A dental veneer is a thin layer of filling material to cover the frontal surface of your natural tooth. It is used to improve the shape, the appearance, the shade or color of your natural tooth. There are two types of veneers:

  1. Chair-side veneer or composite veneer: A veneer is made by applying a tooth color filling to cover the frontal surface. It is usually done right at the office during the same appointment.
  2. Porcelain veneer: It is the most beautiful veneer you can have. It is used to create a beautiful “Hollywood Smile”. It is the most used procedure in high end dental cosmetic makeovers. It is custom made in a dental lab then it is bonded to the frontal surface of the teeth

See before and after pictures for a reference.

For more details on a specific service please feel free to contact us.

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